MIDP 2.0

Mobile Information Device Profile 2.0

User Interface Package
javax.microedition.lcdui The UI API provides a set of features for implementation of user interfaces for MIDP applications.

Game Package
javax.microedition.lcdui.game The Game API package provides a series of classes that enable the development of rich gaming content for wireless devices.

Application Lifecycle Package
javax.microedition.midlet The MIDlet package defines Mobile Information Device Profile applications and the interactions between the application and the environment in which the application runs.

Networking Package
javax.microedition.io MID Profile includes networking support based on the Generic Connection framework from the Connected, Limited Device Configuration.

Public Key Package
javax.microedition.pki Certificates are used to authenticate information for secure Connections.

javax.microedition.media The MIDP 2.0 Media API is a directly compatible building block of the Mobile Media API (JSR-135) specification.
javax.microedition.media.control This package defines the specific Control types that can be used with a Player.

Persistence Package
javax.microedition.rms The Mobile Information Device Profile provides a mechanism for MIDlets to persistently store data and later retrieve it.

Core Packages
java.lang MID Profile Language Classes included from Java 2 Standard Edition.
java.util MID Profile Utility Classes included from Java 2 Standard Edition.


MIDP 2.0

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